How to Determine Wind Direction When Hunting

Hunting is the best hobby for countless people who love to have thrill in their life and this thrilling activity provides an exciting experience. Some people like to hunt animals while some love to hunt down birds. However, hunting animals is more difficult as you have to take care of many things. While hunting animals, you have to be an expert to determine the direction of the air as animals have very sensitive noses and they can get your smell even from a distance of hundreds of meters. Keep reading to learn how to determine wind direction when hunting.


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    First of all, you need to have a sound knowledge about different animals that you want to hunt. Different animals have different characteristics and some of them have very sensitive noses that help them to smell anything even from hundreds of meters away.

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    Try to make an online research about the animals and their smelling power. It will help you in making a hunting plan accordingly and chances are high that you will get success in your first day of hunting.

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    Selecting and examining the hunting place is one of the most important elements of hunting preparation because it plays a central role in targeting animals.

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    You should be able to judge the place and its surroundings in order to determine whether animals like deer like to graze around that place or not. This is very important aspect that hunters should learn in order to get success.

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    Before going out for hunting, you should take a dry and empty bottle and fill it with a talcum powder. Make sure you do not forget it as it will be quite helpful in determining the direction of the wing.

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    After reaching near to the hunting place, you should remove the cap of this bottle and spray a little amount of the powder into the air. You should observe the direction in which the powder travels because the wind will take it into its direction.

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    You can also use a compass to determine the direction of the wind. Compass will also help you to know the direction in which the wind is blowing. However, you have to be expert in using the compass.

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