How to Use a Telephoto Lens

Using a telephoto lens is not that difficult. You can use telephoto lens with your SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera system. Telephoto lens have much longer central measures than conventional lens. Fixed telephoto lens often have central measures up to 180 mm and extreme telephoto lenses often go up to 60 mm. Telephoto zoom lens can have central duration ranges from 55 mm to 380 mm, allowing greater flexibility. These lengthy central measures give the lens a filter viewpoint so you can concentrate on any object. If you want to use a telephoto lens then there are some easy guidelines that can help you.


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    Familiarise yourself with your electronic camera's basic functions before you try capturing with a telephoto lens. Practice with a conventional lens if you have one. Once you understand the electronic camera's functions, you are ready to try out the telephoto lens. There are many guides and books available online which can help you get started on how to use a telephoto lens. Be sure to check out these resources before starting.

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    Attach the telephoto lens to your electronic camera system. Hold the lens firmly in your prominent hand and arrange it using the directing spots on both the lens and electronic camera system. Then move the lens to lock it in position. You should hear a clicking sound as you click the button. If you replace the telephoto lens with another lens while you're out capturing, store the lens safely in a camera bag specially designed for this purpose.

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    Open the camera's aperture to its largest setting if you wish to reduce the detail of a particular area. The low detail of area will separate the object against blurry themes, focusing the audience's interest on only the object. A wide aperture will also allow you to use a shutter rate fast enough to remove the trembling of holding the camera. Take your time and with a little practice you will be able to handle this quite easily.

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    Close the electronic camera's aperture to its smallest setting if you wish to increase detail of area and position more of the image's forefront or themes while you focus. You will not be able to accomplish a great detail of area with a telephoto lens but you can increase it by reducing the aperture. You will have to use a slow shutter rate to get the correct exposure with a smaller aperture.

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