How to Make a Pastry Bag at Home

If you are fond of making pastries and want to carry them somewhere to your friends and family member, it is suggested that you make a homemade pastry bag, as it will make it convenient for you to carry pastries. With a little bit of guidance and commitment, you can easily make as many bags as you want. Not to mention, the bag will make it convenient for you to carry bulk of pastries from one place to another and at the same time making sure that they are not spoiled.

Things Required:

– Heavy-duty food storage bags
– Scissors
– Piping nozzle


  • 1

    Decide the number of pastries you want to carry

    You should decide that how many pastries you wish to carry in one bag. Note that the amount of pastries is directly proportional to the size of the bag, thus you must decide in advance how many pastries you wish to carry. You can also make multiple pastry bags at home but of course, you should first decide the total number of pastries you wish to carry.

  • 2

    Price and decoration

    Depending upon your pocket, you must also decide whether you want to make an expensive bag and want to decorate it or you want to keep things simple and just use it as carrying tool for your pastries. If you want to gift pastries to someone, then it is strongly advised that you decorate the bag accordingly but if you want to just hand over the pastries to a bakery or something, then an ordinary bag can easily perform the task.

  • 3

    Choose a strong plastic storage bag

    In order to make a pastry bag, you will be required to use strong plastic bags that are used for storage purposes. You should consider the use of freezer bags as these are relatively heavy-duty and safe. If you are going to keep a lot of pastries in just one bag, then you must choose a suitable piping to place the needed amount of ice in it.

  • 4

    Cut holes in the bag

    After you have chosen the plastic bag, you must start cutting holes in the bottom corner and place the piping to keep pastries safe. Make sure that you do not drop all of the piping in the bad and its nozzle is pointed outwards. In order to make more than one pastry bags, you must repeat the same.

  • 5

    Insert ice

    After the nozzle is in its place, you must start placing ice in the piping and make the bag air tight.

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