How to Create an Easter Basket for a Teenage Girl

Easter baskets are a splendid means of making an Easter memorable for a teenage girl. There is no set rule for making an Easter basket because you can rely on your creative skills to accomplish this task in a number of different ways. Here is what you may need in order to create a beautiful Easter basket which will be of interest to a teenage girl.

Things Required:

– Egg Dye
– Plastic Eggs
– Socks
– Grass Seeds
– Leather Photo Album
– Planting Container
– Silver Picture Frame
– Wood Basket
– Easter Candies
– Gift Certificates
– Stuffed Animals


  • 1

    The basket you choose should be useable for different purposes such as corralling jewellery on the dresser or storing out-of-season clothes, even after Easter has gone. If you do not know where you can purchase such a basket, consider visiting an antique store, an ethnic market or a thrift shop.

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    Try not to use artificial grass while creating the Easter basket because it can ruin the natural look of the basket. It would be wise to grow grass in your garden. If that is not possible for some reason, you should use wheat grass flats instead of artificial grass.

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    The item you add in the basket should be of interest to the teenager to whom your plan to give the basket. Almost all teenagers have a habit of collecting things such as stuffed animals, picture frames, jewellery or quirky socks. Make sure that the things you choose are in springtime colours.

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    Along with the Easter basket, you should present gift which should, in some way, promote the interests of the teenage girl to whom you are giving the basket. For teenagers interested in science, giving a membership pass of a local science museum would be a great idea.

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    Make sure that you include an item which the girl can display in her bedroom or carry along with her to different places such as her collage. Items such as a tiny egg shaped porcelain box or a beautiful picture frame can be added to the Easter basket.

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    Remember to include edible items such as jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and jewel-toned eggs in the Easter basket. This would not only spice up the colouring of the Easter basket but would also boost up the girl’s interest in the Eater basket.

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