How to Organize Comic Collection

Almost every child has a collection of comic books. Children get addicted to their favourite characters and continue collecting them. However, comic books can be damaged easily especially older issues. Thus organising comic books will preserve them for you to read later or to even sell them. You need to take special care of comic books so that you keep enjoy reading them again and again.


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    Gather comic books

    First of all you need to collect all of your comic books and sort it according to the different titles. You gather and place each title separately.

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    Sort the comic books in a way that oldest issues are on top and newest lie at the bottom. For this you need to set the comic books according to the issue number.

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    Determine the way you want to organize

    You need to decide in what way you want to organize your comic books. You can set your comic books according to the alphabetical order, subject wise, publisher or any way which pleases you.

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    Next you need to place all of your comic books inside Mylar envelope. Place acid-free tagboard backing board inside them and then seal it with help from tap.

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    Get cardboard boxes

    Then you need to get cardboard boxes in order to organize your comic books. These boxes store several comic books and are available in two sizes. The long box can carry almost 3000 comics while the short box can contain upto 100 comic books.

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    Place comic books

    After getting cardboard boxes, you need to place comic books upright inside them. Place them without bending and make sure it should be full.

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    You can use dividers in order to separate different titles inside the cardboard boxes. Also write the name of titles or the initial letters on the dividers with help of permanent ink.

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    In the end, you need to close the box with lids which came along with the cardboard boxes.

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