How to Perform Finger Tricks

Tricks can be a great means of amusing an audience and bringing smiles on their faces. To perform a finger trick successfully, you need to learn and practice it thoroughly before performing the trick in front of an audience. There are a few, basic things that need to be taken care of to ensure that you will be able to perform a finger trick flawlessly. Here is what you need to do to perform finger tricks just like a professional magician and get the attention of your friends and family.


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    Try improving the dexterity of fingers as much as you possibly can. Play a piano or a flute at least once every day. The idea is to make your fingers accustomed to sudden movement which means any musical instrument with several keys will work. If musical instruments do not interest you at all, cross-stitching or twirling pencils through fingers will help enhance finger dexterity.

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    Master one finger trick before moving on to the next. Although there are countless finger tricks that you can learn but taking on more than one trick at a time will not do any good. You can gradually add more tricks to your repertoire but trying to learn numerous tricks in one go at the very start will be meaningless because you will be wasting your efforts.

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    The position of your fingers is the most important part in a successful finger trick. For instance, if you are speed solving a Rubik’s cube, the position of your index and middle fingers holds pivotal importance. If you are able to position your fingers on the cube accurately, you will be able to rotate and spin it much faster.

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    Some finger tricks require you to palm certain objects and use prop. In a finger trick which involves flipping a coin in air and then making it drop in a certain position, you will eventually need to palm the coin. Similarly, in a trick where you have to stuff a handkerchief in your hand and thus make it disappear, you will have to use a prop such as a thumb cap. So you must learn the techniques of palming objects ad using props when required.

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    Creativeness on the magician’s part helps distract the audience so that they do not notice the details of the trick. So be creative while performing finger tricks and choose a style which complements your personality.

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