How to Build a Photo Reference

If you love taking pictures and want to make your career in photography, then you should know that in order to get a photography assignment or project, you always have to show some of your pictures, as reference, to potential employers. Therefore, you should always be prepared before you get a call from any employer. You may choose a specific field to work in, or you can show yourself as a flexible photographer who can work on different projects, without any issue.

Take too many pictures from different walks of life. It is really important that you should show some variance in your pictures, in order to show the employers your ability to adapt to different situations. Moreover, it will also show that you can work on different projects without any difficulty.

You can show yourself as a flexible photographer who can work on different projects, without any issue. Therefore, in order to get a good photography assignment or project, keep reading this article and follow the basics of building photo reference.


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    Whenever you take a picture of any photo, always try to take at least 5 pictures and choose the one which looks best. While taking photos, you can play with the angles and capture the objects from different sides and different angles. You can then transfer all the images to the computer and check which angle captured the theme you were working on.

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    You should also take detailed shots, such as close-up shots. This also shows your ability to control the camera adjustments even in close angles and objects.

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    You should always beware of lighting situations when taking pictures. For instance, if you take pictures indoors with poor lighting effects, then it will make the pictures look ordinary. So, the lighting set should be set up properly, before you take pictures indoors.

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    When taking pictures outdoors, you should always try to go out early in the morning, as it is the time when lighting is perfect for natural photography. If you are taking close-up pictures for any object, then you should be very careful with the shadows. You can take multiple photos from different angles, to get the best shadow effects.

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    You can also take a little help from image editing software programs to make necessary changes to your pictures, such as cropping and removing any extra background.

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