How to Pick the Right Acoustic Guitar

In an acoustic guitar, only acoustic means are used to transmit the vibrational energy of strings to the air, which produces sound as a result. There are a number of different varieties of an acoustic guitar but the two main types are nylon/gut stringed guitars and steel stringed guitars.

In their design and construction, acoustic guitars are a lot more varied than electronic guitars. Due to a wide range of acoustic guitar choices available in markets today, choosing the right one according to your skill level and personal preference can be quite challenging. However, if you understand the wood/cosmetic options and performance criteria, selecting an acoustic guitar can become a relatively easy task.


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    Decide your performance criteria

    In order to choose the right acoustic guitar, one of the most important steps is to define your performance criteria. Will you be using the guitar for a coffee house gig, a live rock show or a recording at a music studio? If the guitar is accompanied by a vocalist, you will have a lot more freedom.

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    Live performance

    If you are going to use the guitar for a live performance, it is highly recommended that you choose one with an active or passive pickup. These pickups will let you connect your guitar to an amplification device. Onboard equalizer, input jack and volume control are often featured in active pickup. Whereas, you will only find an input jack in passive pickup, which should be located at the bottom of the guitar.

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    Wood and cosmetic options

    There are many varieties of woods and cosmetic options in an acoustic guitar, with some having ornate bindings or elaborate engravings. However, your price range is going to have a massive impact on the quality of the acoustic guitar. Spruce is the most common wood used in acoustic guitars as it is lighter and one of the most abundant exotic woods. The more expensive guitars are usually made of jacaranda, cedar, rosewood, koa, maple and mahogany.

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    Many varieties of ornate bindings and fretboard inlays are used in expensive acoustic guitars. Mother of Pearl and Abalone are most popularly used to elaborate designs.

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    Tone of a guitar

    The tone of a guitar is heavily dependent on the kind of wood used in the instrument. For example, a more warmer and porous tone can be achieved through rosewood; whereas, maple offers you a percussive and brighter sound.

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