How to Turn an Old Bookcase into a Photo Gallery

People often get attracted to other hobbies at some point in their life. Not to mention, they often find it difficult to start everything from the scratch but where is a will there is a way. If this has happened to you and you are tired of keeping a bookcase, then converting it into a photo gallery will not be a bad idea. You may find it impossible but if you think a little; then it is not difficult at all and can be done with just a little help.


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    Take out all the stuff from your bookcase

    In order to convert the bookcase into a photo gallery, you will have to take out all the stuff from your bookcase. Remember that, it is up to you what you want to do with your stuff. You can sell these things if you want or keep them in your store room. Of course, you do not want to keep both of these at the same place and it is highly recommended you get rid of everything. For this, you can keep all the stuff of your book case in a bag and place it in the store room.

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    Clean your book case

    No matter how careful you were about the cleanliness of your bookcase, there is always a chance that there will be some extra dirt underneath your book shelves. Therefore, after you have taken out all of your stuff from the bookcase, you must clean it properly. For this, you will need a bowl full of water and two pieces of cloth. First, you should clean it with the dry piece of cloth to get rid of all the dirt and then dip the other piece into the water and apply it to the bookcase, ensuring that all the dirt has been taken care of.

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    Gather the stuff you want to place

    In order to convert the bookcase into a photo gallery, you will have to place the pictures of yourself, your family and friends over there. So, you must gather all the stuff you want to put there and make sure that pictures are placed properly in a photo frame.

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    Place you pictures

    Now, you must place your pictures properly. It is important that you arrange the stuff in a proper manner; meaning, you should separate the pictures of your friends from your family members.

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