How to Identify a Northern Flicker

Northern flicker is a beautiful bird that belongs to the woodpecker family and it can be easily found in North America and also in some states of South America as well. The size of a fully grown Northern Flicker can be about one foot long. The Northern Flicker is the state bird of Alabama, a state of America. This is a very friendly bird and you can find it in dead trees. You can also attract it towards your yard if there are a few dead trees. You can identify this bird easily by taking guidance from this post.


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    First of all, you should try to gather information about this beautiful bird which will help you in getting knowledge about its appearance.

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    You can identify the Northern Flicker quite easily from its unusually big size as it become almost one foot long when it become fully grown.

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    Northern Flicker has a prominent red mark on the backside of its head which makes its identification quite easy. You can observe the red mark on female and male Northern Flickers.

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    You can also identify male and female Northern Flickers by noticing that males have red moustache that come downward from their beaks. You can also easily identify a male Northern Flicker as it has a necklace like line on its chest.

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    The colour of Northern Flicker is apparently brownish grey and yellow and there are many spots on its belly that makes it prominent from other birds of woodpecker family.

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    However, during flight, it will be difficult to identify a Northern Flicker because it flies in the similar way as many other birds of woodpecker family fly. So, you have to wait until it lands on a tree of on the ground.

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    Northern Flicker likes to spend more a huge part of the day on ground in search of food. However, you can also find it by knocking the dead trees as it likes to live in the shallow stems of these dead trees.

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    Many people having lard yards or lawns along with dead trees easily attract the Northern Flicker and if you provide such environment, you can also watch this bird in your yard from the window of your room.

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