How to Make a Sticker Collection

Kids of every age love stickers. They love to collect stickers of their every favourite cartoon character, animal, flower and so on. The kids become very excited and happy whenever they see sticker sheets of their choice. Girls and boys have their own choices when it comes to stickers. It is always fun to collect different types of stickers; you can also exchange them with your friends and siblings to get new ones in your collection. The best way to collect stickers is to paste them in an album or book so that kids won’t lose them and save their sticker collection for years or may be for lifetime to enjoy their childhood memories.

Things Required:

Lots and lots of stickers (you can also get re-usable stickers)
A Ziploc bag (to keep stickers save)
A photo album (to stick stickers)
Coloured paint pens


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    First of all, to start a sticker collection you need to buy a lot of stickers of your choice. Buy as many pages of stickers as you want and like. However, making a collection takes time; you can not buy all the stickers at the same time from a single place. Instead, buy a single page or two whenever you go out and find any interesting page of stickers and of course you always have an option of buying it online.

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    For keeping your stickers safe you need to place them in a Ziploc. Do not try to take off stickers from the page until you want to paste them anywhere as it will spoil them.

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    Now it’s time to finally start creating your collection. Try to make it as interesting and wonderful as you can because it will be a part of your childhood memories which will be with you forever. For this you will need to get a sticker album to make your collection long lasting. Get a sticker album with wax papers to paste your best and most interesting stickers on it.

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    Use coloured paint pens to decorate your sticker album.

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    Fill your sticker book with all the stickers you have collected but never forget to leave some empty space in the end to paste more stickers you will get later to add into your collection.

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    Never ever take your collection for granted. Explore all the new book stores and online sites to get new sticker pages to your collection.

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