How to Model for Pin-Up Photos

Pin-up modelling is all about illustrating glamour, style and to some extent boldness. There is no doubt in that sometimes these photo sessions cross the limits and fall in the category of nudity. However, it’s up to a photographer as how he/she keeps the model away from vulgarity and makes such photos a true piece of art.

Being a pin-up model does not mean that you just need to show skin while wearing a voluptuous dress and makeup. You can look desirable even in a regular way. All you need, is to follow some directions while modelling for pin-up photos.


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    Prepare yourself:

    First of all, you should give some attention to your body. Stand in front of the mirror and notice which areas need some touch up. Shave the areas that need it, wax, tweeze or trim your unwanted hair. This is necessary as you will be super close to the lens and the last thing you want the viewer to notice is your fuzzy bikini line. Similarly, do not ignore your toe and finger nails. If it is possible for you then consider skin polish for extra charm.

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    Practice poses:

    Another thing you must do is to practice poses in front of the mirror. This will help you to evaluate your expressions and choose the best pose. You may ask a friend or family member to give an opinion. Determine your personality. Are you hot and sexy? Nice and naughty or cute and playful? Just be natural and give your best shot.

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    Identify your flaws:

    If you have any scars, moles or birthmarks that you think brings your level of attraction down, identify and talk about them with your photographer. Remember, it’s in the hand of photographer to highlight or modify your features.

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    Give your best shot:

    Now, when you are all set to face the lights and camera, you should remember that it’s all in your face. Pin-up modelling is all about facial expressions so be that character and have the relevant expressions on your face. Do not hesitate in being over dramatic as cheesy poses and expressions are the most appreciated ones.

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    Show some attitude:

    You must have some panache while modelling for pin-up photos. Raise your face, point your feet to make your legs more appealing, keep your hands soft to look natural and keep your eyes full of expression.

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    Wear proper clothes:

    Costume is one of the most important things in pin-up modelling. Make sure your outfit is revealing and concealing at the same time.

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