How to Bow Hunt from the Ground

Hunting with bows dates back hundreds of thousands of ages. Humans have almost always gone on to use bow and arrows to hunt for animals and bows are probably amongst the oldest hunting tools to ever exist.

Now hunting has gone on to evolve a lot over the last couple of years, and so have the type of bows that people use. You can now hunt from great distances and from varying levels and points.

However, hunting from the ground while using a blind is still amongst the most popular methods of hunting. People tend to stay on the ground level in order to get a better view of their target, while using blinds. This helps them stay hidden, get as close as they possibly can and get the best possible aim and understanding of their target movements, without getting spotted.


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    You need to locate an area where animals gather. Preferably try and look for a spot where there is a feeding point for all the animals. You should get acquainted with this area well in advance. Now you need to set up your blind nearby, without getting spotted. Try setting yourself up some fifty to sixty yards away from the area where the animals gather, and try doing some practice runs from the blind prior to the hunting season.

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    Once you have your blind in place, clear the area next to you. You need to get rid of all the small branches, leaves and anything else that you feel could alarm your targets, should you accidentally step on them. A smart thing would be to attach these items on the blind to make it look more natural and a part of the landscape.

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    Use some spray to spray the blind. Make sure you get the scent masker spray so that the targets can’t detect you or your blind when the wind blows. Make sure you use ample spray since this could make or break your hunting trip.

    Leave the blind in the woods for a long while, so that the animals get used to it and feel that is a part of the local growth.

    Now on the day of the hunt, position yourself in the blind on ground level, and stay as quiet as you can. Then go ahead and mark your target mentally and start taking them out one by one.

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