How to Make Money Doing Magic Tricks

Since old times, people are being surprised by magicians and illusionists. The magicians have been entertaining the audience for centuries. To learn how to do magic tricks, you need to learn their secrets.

Most people, who have watched good magicians on the street or in a circus, like to know about magic tricks in order to make money. However, it is hard work that requires many years of training.

If you are interested in knowing the secrets tricks, you can learn how to do tricks and become a master to surprise the audience.


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    The tricks with cards are also interesting. Offer the other party to draw a card from the deck. Ask him/her to remember the sign and number of the card and then tell him/her to put it in the bottom of the deck. Thoroughly shuffle the cards. Turn the face of the deck down and begin to lay out cards one by one on the table. This is done as long as we do not see a card that was lying at the bottom of the deck and the top of which the person has put it.

    Take out that card and surprise the audience. The secret to this trick is that you need to memorize the map, which lies at the bottom of the deck. When you put the top half of the deck, making a card, it would be in the one that was at the bottom of the deck.

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    One of the easiest tricks is called "Kings and queens." Select all the ladies and kings from the deck (you should get a stack of eight cards). Fold the card so that the sequence of colours was the same (do not show this audience). Hide the cards behind your back and split into two parts (four cards). Put them on the table in front of the audience and show. Show the audience king and queen of the same suit on top of the deck. You can also learn to do the trick with two suits and you can complicate it by adding jacks and aces. The principle focus will remain the same.

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    Secrets of the many simple tricks can be found on the Internet. Study them carefully and rehearse. Practice until you do not get everything perfect in ten out of ten attempts.

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