How to Make a Pencil Holder from a Water Bottle

Recycling can be a great fun especially if you are interested in art and craft. It is amazing how you can turn simple stuff lying around the house in to useful and beautiful objects. All it takes is a creative mind and some basic art techniques. We are converting a plastic water bottle into a pencil holder here so that you no longer have to look under the bed or table for your pens. The process saves your money for a pencil holder bought from the market, lets you spend good quality time and contributes towards the responsibility of using fewer world resources.

Things you need:

– empty plastic bottle

– scissor

– white paper or any colorful sheet of paper

– adhesive tape and water paints


  • 1

    Wash the bottle and dry it. Cut the top 3 inches off, including the capo part. Take the wrapper off the bottle. Wrap the paper around the paper to gauge how much you will be needing. Cut that much paper, leaving some extra for the edges.

  • 2

    Draw and paint on the paper to make it look attractive. You can use other creative ideas. Stickers will also also look nice. Experiment with colors. A popular theme is to add bows to the holder using another sheet of paper which should be of a different color. Bead work can also be done if you have time and are creative enough. A clever use of different colors of papers looks attractive too. You can also put down your initials. Let the artist come out. Some people miss the paper part and paint the bottle itself which is much easier.

  • 3

    Once the paper is ready and dry, stick it to the bottle using the adhesive tape. Secure the edges well. Add some pebbles to the holder to make it stand firm. Put all your pens and pencils in it and keep on your study table. You will feel a different kind of ownership for it because you created it yourself.

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