Top 10 Good Manners Everyone Must Learn

We are always interacting with friends, family, colleagues etc. We should develop etiquettes and manners as this will shape up an overall good personality. Manners help you in creating an impact. It shows that you are groomed and cultured. We should adopt some basic manners in order to build pleasant relations.


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    Greet People

    This is the first thing required when you see someone. A simple hello or good morning can start a decent conversation. Also make sure you are polite and use thank you or sorry when required. Whenever you have guests over, greet them pleasantly as this shows respect.


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    Eating Manners

    These are fry essential. When you are eating in a crowd, make sure you do not chew loudly or talk with your mouth full. It gives a very bad impression. Also do not fill your plate to the top and then leave half of the food uneaten. Use a fork, knife or spoon as required. Do not forget to say excuse me if you have to leave the table before others.

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    Phone Etiquettes

    It is not appropriate if you have a loud ringtone in a religious place or attend a phone call in a religious ceremony. Also put your phone on silent in the office, during a meeting or when someone is sleeping in the same room. If someone is not attending your call, do not keep on calling as he/she might be busy.

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    If you are walking with one person and you bump into another friend of yours, you should introduce them to each other. When a friend of yours comes to your home, he should be introduced to the family too.

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    Dress appropriately

    When you are going out of the house, you should be appropriately dressed. Depends on the place you are going to, you should be decent and not make anyone uncomfortable with your dressing. Wear clean clothes whenever going out.

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    Congratulate people

    There are many around you getting victories and successes. You should be decent enough to congratulate them. It shows that you are happy for them. Even if you are at the losing end, show some greatness and congratulate the other person.

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  • 7

    Hold Open Door

    Sometimes a door has to be pushed when you pass and there may be another person on the other side waiting to enter. You should hold the door open, it shows decency and courtesy. Also when there are a lot of people passing, give other people space to walk through the door too.

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  • 8

    Help Aged People

    Kindness to older people should always be done. They feel at this age that they are being ignored and usually need assistance of others. Spend time with them and help them sit or pour tea for them.

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  • 9

    Driving Etiquette

    Many of us have encountered bad drivers and have been irritated by them. Learn to give space if someone is honking. Do not over speed and overtake from the wrong side.

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  • 10

    Be Nice

    This is a very simple and general term. Learn to be nice to people, talk politely, do not shout, help others and keep a smile on your face.

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