How to Make Political Parodies

Humorously exaggerated imitation of a politician is called a political parody. While politicians are expected to work for the betterment of the masses, this is not the case in most parts of the world and hardly do we come across politicians who live up to their promises. These politicians make countless promises to their electorate before elections, but the general public gets mere excuses once governments are formed.

At times, humour can be an outstanding way to show your frustration. By making a parody of his/her fake promises, you can not only make the politician realise mistakes but spread awareness amongst the masses as well.


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    Take interest in politics

    You will not be able to parody a politician if you don't have political insight. You should regularly read newspapers and watch news channels for an hour or two, just to keep yourself updated about current affairs. Not only should you pay attention to domestic matters, you should also research international politics. Knowing the past history of a politician and his stances is crucial when it comes to creating humor.

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    Observe body language

    In order to make an effective parody, which has the potential to become popular, you have to closely observe the body language of the politician. Most politicians adopt certain styles and mannerisms which are usually peculiar to them. We live in a world of communication these days and you can easily find videos of almost all the major politicians online. Watch them and try to mimic their expressions.

    Facial expressions are probably the most important when it comes to political parody.

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    When making a political parody, you have to adopt the accent of that particular politician. This can be quite a challenging task, but practice can help you become better. Hearing the politician again and again will also make it easier for you to imitate his/her accent.

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    If you are making a parody for television or theatre, you need to hire the services of high-class makeup artists, who can make you look like the politician you wish to mimic. Your hairstyle, skin tone and the dressing should be like that politician.

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