How to Build a Hunting Stand

If you are a hunter, you should build a hunting stand in your house so as to hunt down the animals. The hunting stand provides many benefits to the hunter. It allows the hunter to have a clear focus on a distant moving object. Furthermore, it helps you to assess the position of the animals from a considerable distance. In order to build a good hunting stand, you will have to keep few things in your mind which have been discussed in the given steps.

Things Required:

– Measuring tape
– 16-foot aluminum extension ladder
– 2- by 4-inch boards
– Chop saw or circular saw
– All-weather galvanized screws
– Cordless drill
– 1/2-inch plywood
– Stool
– Hammer
– Nails


  • 1

    First of all, you have to find the right area to build your hunting stand. It will be better for you to build it near a tree. But make sure there are not too many trees around as it will make it difficult for you to aim your shot. Furthermore, it will be better for you to choose a place where the trees have a diameter of at least 16 inches.

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    After finding the right place, you will have to lean down an aluminum extension ladder. It is extremely important for you to keep in mind that the ladder must be leant down against the trunks of the tree at which you are going to make your stand. Besides, you must make sure that it is held firmly on the ground before proceeding any further.

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    Now, take the necessary measurements and cut the edges of the board accordingly. Then, make the frame of your stand by attaching the pieces of the board.

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    After that, you have to cover the board with the plywood. You should cut the plywood after marking it according to the size of the board.

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    Then, tighten the board with the screw firmly and put some nails on the plywood too. Make the safety railing and the gun rest by taking the necessary measurements.

  • 6

    Tighten the railing boards and hammer some nails on the trunks of the tree to hang your accessories e.g. clothes or any other thing which you might carry during hunting.

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