How to Make a Hot Dog Baby Costume

When it comes to celebrating an event like Halloween, everyone wants to look unique and fabulous. Children are the age group that enjoys the event most and for you making things accessible to them is probably more important than enjoying the event yourself. Halloween is though celebrated in October, the costume making and search for new ideas start long before the event. Readymade costumes are always available, but of course they cost enough too, so if you’re thinking to save some money while having your kid the perfect costume on coming Halloween, do try the Hot Dog Costume for baby.

Follow the quick steps to make the hot dog costume for your baby in less time and of course on while remaining in budget.


  • 1

    Things you will Need

    - Brown shirt
    - Brown pants
    - Brown toboggan hat
    - Foam mattress pad
    - Scissors
    - Red and yellow fabric paint
    - Brown shoes

  • 2

    Start dressing your baby by letting him/her wear brown shirt and a brown pant. If you have reddish brown then it will intimate the hot dog colour otherwise a simple brown will also work.

  • 3

    Arrange a brown toboggan hat for your baby, put it on his/her head so that the baby's head look like the tip of hot dog.

  • 4

    Now take a cheap pad of foam mattress and cut its corners to make it round and paint it with yellow colour to make buns of a hot dog. Do not forget to cut the holes in the sides of it so that you can put your arms in.

  • 5

    Now take red and yellow paint and draw lines to replicate ketchup and mustard sauce. You can make the lines all over the pant and shirt. You can also use a cardboard to cut the shapes of onions and you can paste them on the costume.

  • 6

    For a more proper hot dog look, arrange a pair of brown shoes for your baby.

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