How to Perform the Applause Card

TV shows and serials are something that everyone loves and enjoys. In fact, there is possibly no one out there, who can say that they have never been addicted to a TV show of some sort. Almost everyone has watched a TV show or the other, and just about everyone has a favourite TV show, which they tend to watch regularly.

Now most of these shows are actually shot with a live audience, which means that all the reactions that you hear in the back are actually really people applauding and cheering the show.

However, all these cheers and applause that you hear aren’t random, they are in fact planned and required the creators of the show to use an applause card to indicated to the crowd that they may go on and create noise at this point in time.

It seems like it isn’t much, but it requires a lot of careful planning and dedication.

These applause cards can be used just about at any event, and don’t only have to be used on the set of a TV show.


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    The first thing that you want to do, is to get the crowd aware of the fact that the show is being recorded live. At the same time, you want to ask them to turn their cell phones off, since you don't want any external interference to take place during your recording of the show and the applause.

    Now once you have convinced everyone to turn off the phone, go ahead and show them the applause card. Inform them, that whenever they see the card, they need to go on and applaud the show and make as much noise as they possibly can.

    In order to get this working perfectly, go on and take it for a test run or two. Just use this to get everyone to terms with the applause card and how they have to go about performing in its presence.

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    Now once the show is going on, whenever you want the audience to cheer on, go ahead and display the cheer card. Go on and hold it in front of them till the technical crew lets you know that they have gotten the results that they were hoping for. Once this happens go on and remove the card.

    You may use the card as many times as you feel is required.

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