How to Play a Piano Lead in Melody Line

Playing a piano lead in melody line is one of the toughest tasks any pianist has to encounter. If one is looking to feature the piano lead in a particular song, one should be aware of some of the most common aspects that will help you to play a piano lead, which will perfectly fit in the song. If you are a beginner or you have not been trained musically, these simple guidelines will help you play a piano lead in melody line with extreme ease.


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    The foremost step you need to do is to determine the melody line of the particular song. Melody line is always present at the right hand side of the song. One can also find the melody line in the treble clef as well. However, in a fake music book, the melody line will be the only thing that will be described in the music. After determining the melody line, try locating the opening note of that particular melody line. Once you determine the opening note, try playing that note continuously in order to get the feel of it. Continue playing until you have mastered that note. Now start playing the following notes, and continue playing them until you start playing them smoothly.

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    The next thing you need to do is to locate the chord charts that are written write above the melody line of the particular song you are playing. However, make sure that you do not add the chords until you have mastered playing the melody line.

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    Before start learning to play the chords, make sure that you identify the keys you are playing in. For instance, if the key you are going to play is in flats then take the last flat and go one up from it. If the key signature you are going to is in sharps then take the last sharp and go one up from it.

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    Now start practicing chords for that particular song. Make sure that you continue practicing the chord progression until your hand is completely familiar with the chords, and you play them smoothly.

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    Add the melody line with your chords, and play them together. Continue practicing them until you start playing the melody line and the chords fluently.

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