How to Matte Photos for Selling

When it comes to storing photographs, one is actually saving a moment of time. There are many ways to save this and some of these are based on technology. You can save your favourite pictures on canvas, in the form of acrylic glass prints or on traditional frames.

If you have a bit of skill, you can make some money by providing services of picture matting. This is a relatively easy task in comparison with those mentioned above. By matting pictures, you help them survive longer and they look much better as well.


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    Cut Matte Paper

    The first thing to do is to cut matte paper as per the size of the frame in which you wish to put the picture in. The best way to do it is to use the display card in the frame. You can either measure it or simple put it on the matte paper and mark an outline. Once this is done, cut the matte paper as per the outline.

  • 2

    Remove Inner Part

    The next thing to do is to remove the inner part of the matte paper where the picture will be placed. Know the size of the photograph that you have and mark an outline as per the size. Make sure that the matte paper is cut a little narrower than the actual picture as it will help in getting the picture to stick to the matte paper. Cut it with precision with the help of a cutter. Make sure that you cut it in proper lines.

  • 3

    Attach Picture Matte Paper

    You can do this with the help of some adhesive tape. Put the picture face down on the matte semi frame and put tape on the edge of one side on the top and bottom. Make sure that you tape it both horizontally and vertically so that it gets affixed with the part. Tape the other side in the same manner.

  • 4

    Place it in Frame

    The last thing to do is to place the picture in the frame. It will give a great look with the matte outline that it has on the outside. In order to sell, you can use matte paper that is coloured. Pictures that show nature’s beauty are generally the best option for this purpose.

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