How to Do Street Photography

Street Photography is a recently emerged trend among photographers who want to capture real life moments, and not just cinematographing everything they capture. Shooting reality has a pleasure of its own and it’s for that very reason that led to the concept of street photography. This type of photography has its own dynamics; you take pictures of people in varying situations while capturing their emotions and expressions to particular stimuli. The concept of street photography is to capture expressionism that you can’t do in your pre-planned studio shoots.


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    Street Photography requires a different sort of gear as compared to portraiture and studio photography. You’ll need wide angle lenses if you want to have the right framing for your pictures. Moreover, a telephoto lens is also an important component of street photography gear. Pick up those lenses that have a good zooming range. This would help you in taking a shot from way afar.

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    If you’re using a wide angle lens you’ll have to pre-focus. Using wide angle lens can prove to be a little difficult, especially when you’re trying to take spontaneous shots instead of a proper subject being photographed. Wide angle lens have a great depth of field so it’s better to focus beforehand so that your subject doesn’t end up being blur in the picture.

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    Don’t just stay at one particular place. The beauty of street photography lies in the versatility and simplicity of our normal lives. If you stay at one particular place you’ll fail to have a variety of shots for your collections. Therefore, it’s necessary for you to move on from one place to another, every now and then.

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    Try not to shoot while standing up. Instead find a place to settle down and then take the pictures from there and then move onto another location. Doing this would make you aware of your surroundings which would also help you in capture better images through your camera.

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    Try to blend in when you’re taking picture. You might not be able to capture the genuine moments and expressions if people start noticing you. Remember, street photography is best done under stealth mode. Therefore, don’t let anyone notice you around. Keep a low profile.

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