How to Set Up the Red and Black Card Deck for Magic Tricks

In order to successfully perform a card trick, you will need to setup the card deck in a certain way, respective to the trick that you plan on performing. One of the basic card deck setups is the Red and Black deck setup which is used in numerous playing card tricks. In the red and black card deck setup, all red cards are placed in one half of the deck while all the black cards are placed in the other half. Here is how you can red and black card deck for magic tricks.


  • 1

    Take a deck of plastic cards and shuffle it properly so that the colours get mixed up. Playing cards made of plastic work better because it is easy to handle them, especially if it would be the first time you are setting up a deck for a magic trick.

  • 2

    The technique you would use to set up is called ‘Up jogging’. Simply hold the shuffled deck of cards in one hand with the front of the cards facing towards you.

  • 3

    Push one card at a time with your thumb. Hold that card in the other hand. Push it up a little bit if it is a black card and down a little bit if it is a red card. Continue until none of cards remain in the original shuffled deck.

  • 4

    You should end up with a pile of cards in your hand with the black cards above the red cards. Simply grab hold of the black cards with your other hand and pull them apart from the red cards. You have now separated the card deck in red and black halves.

  • 5

    Simply one half on top of the other and you are done setting up a red and black card deck which you can use in a lot of magic tricks.

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