How to Collect Samurai Swords

People collect all kinds of things. Some collect stamps, others collect books. Some have unusual choices such as collecting rare weapons of yesteryear. It is a hobby that can dearly cost ones pocket and should be done only if there is a substantial amount of excessive finance available at hand.

A similar kind of collection is based on enthusiasts looking to collect samurai swords. Samurai’s were great warriors from Japan and their mastery of martial arts skill is known the world over. Their weapons, particularly the swords are legendary and some call the samurai swords as the best swords of all time.

Although the Samurai’s are now a part of history, their swords are still made to this day. Needless to say that they come with a pretty heavy price tag. Each blade is individually forged and has great strength. There are some basics that you should be aware of if you wish to be a collector of Samurai swords.


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    Understand the Swords

    You will need to learn the terminologies, the techniques with which the swords are made, the alloys and the various types of swords. This may sound like a lot and it probably is but you need to be able to understand these basics to be able to get the right swords. Research over a period of time and you should be at home with all the basic details.

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    Your Liking

    The next thing to do is to make up your mind as to which kind of blade and quality of sword you want to buy. There are numerous options that will vary in style and price. The Wakizashi, Katana and the Tanto are the most famous kinds of Samurai swords that are available.

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    The Type of Steel

    This is another crucial factor. There are various options available in this regard as well. If you get it made of stainless steel, the quality of the product may not be the same as some of the traditional alloys that have been used. However, since these swords are more for visual purposes rather than actual use, a stainless steel sword will be fine as well.

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    The Maker

    Make sure that you get your swords made by a good quality sword maker who can make authentic Samurai swords. You do not want to part ways with several thousand dollars only to find that the sword is of low quality and made by an amateur learning the craft at your expense.

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