How to Play the Raga Matha Kokila Scale on the Guitar

Raga Matha Kokila scale is based on the traditional and classical Indian music. It might not be the same as other ragas, but it definitely similar to the ones which are played on harmonics in the Western music. You definitely want to try things when you learn a different type of guitar scale. However, what makes this scale so interesting is the fact that it introduces ragas, which is also an extremely good exercise for your fingers as you can learn and practice to become an extremely amazing guitar player. This scale is also brilliant for guitarists who have only started learning.


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    You should start off this scale by placing your index finger on the eighth fret of the A string. This is the root note of this scale and you should keep in mind that this particular note can also be played at a higher fret. However, the eighth fret is considered to be the best in terms of tune and pitch.

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    Now, with you being on the A string, now you should move to the tenth fret of the A string. This is also known as the G note of the same string. It is believed that playing this fret with your third finger is the best way to play this scale. The G note is also the second degree of this scale.

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    Now you’re still on the A string, but you have to play the eleventh fret with your pinky finger. Many find it hard to use the pinky finger and slide their middle finger forward. However, that should not be the case. Using a pinky in this case is mandatory.

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    Now you have to move to the next string, which is also known as the D string. Use your first finger to play the next note. The next note which you have to play is the B flat note, which is also known as the fourth degree of the scale you are trying to play.

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    Now you must play the tenth fret of the same string. The note is known as C and it is also the fifth degree of the same classical Indian scale.

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    Now you must move to the next string, which is known as the G string. You must use your middle finger to play the E note.

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    Now what you must do is, play the F note on the same string with your pinky finger and your scale is complete in ascending notations.

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