How to Re use Old T Shirts

Your old t shirt can serve more then its original life in different forms if you are creative enough. If you are an ardent follower of the re-use campaign or simply dont want to separate from your old shirt just yet,  you can modify your shirt and use it for several purposes. People have gone as creative as making a willow chair out of bare t shirts, why cant you? so just look for the tees you dont wear anymore alongwith a scissor and needle and you might just end up making wonderful stuff. Go through this step by step guide for some wonderful and easy ideas.


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    Pillow case:

    Cut you t shirt from one shoulder to the other. Cut from  the sleeves to the bottom. Turn it upside down and stitch on three sides. Turn it over and fill it with cotton. After filling, stitch the fourth side or add a zipper.

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    Grocery bag:

    Lay your shirt on a flat surface. Sew up the bottom. Increase the neck hole by cutting it wide through the help of a bowl. Cut away the hems. If you have a jersey shirt, it is better as it is sleeveless already. You have a grocery bag ready to go shopping.

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    Laptop case:

    T shirts make great laptop covers. Fold your t shirt upto the chest. Measure the size of cover you will need for your laptop. Sew it up and cut off the excess with the sleeves. If your t shirt has a pocket, leave it as it is on the front. It can serve as the brick holder.

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    Use as rags:

    Cut you t shirts into small pieces. They can now serve as dusting clothes around the house. Use them to wipe your kitchen counters and your car.

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    Decide the size of napkins that you want.Cut a square fabric out of your t shirt one inch greater on all sides. For a napkin size of say 8 inches, cut a fabric of 9 inches. Fold the sides of the square and stitch them. It is that easy. The napkins are surely going to be talk of the table. Experiment with innovative designs and patterns.

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