How to Do Daffy Moves in Skydiving

Gymnastics, ice-skating and dance are a few of the many disciplines from which freestyle skydiving borrows movements. When learning, it is best to perform these positions at slower speeds and in small groups. It takes time to learn new techniques. Similarly, it takes time to use the learned techniques to perform different moves while skydiving.

Skydivers jump at about 13,000 feet and then apply some tricks to perform some daffy moves in the air. If you are new to skydiving and also want to join people who perform different moves in the air, then keep reading this article and follow the instructions carefully.


  • 1

    Straighten your legs and split them apart in a way that one leg should be in front and the other going backwards.

    At the same time, you upper body should be upright with your shoulders facing your front leg. This is called “Daffy”.

  • 2

    Extend one arm out to the side and touch the hand on the other arm to your head like a salute. This is called “Daffy Salute”.

  • 3

    Consider doing Daffy Hip-Hold. In this trick, you will have to bend both of your arms and place your hands on your hips.

  • 4

    Rotate your shoulders towards the back leg and move your arms so they come close to lining up with each leg. Your back hand will stop above your back knee. This is called “Oblique Daffy”.

  • 5

    Place both arms straight above your head and you are in the Daffy Hang.

  • 6

    Tilt your torso downward and roll towards the front leg. Straddle and switch legs. Then bring the torso back up and stop in the Daffy position on the other side. You just did a Daffy Arabian.

  • 7

    Combine moves to form a set. Bend the back leg up at the knee, keeping your thigh horizontal to do a Kick-Up Daffy.

  • 8

    Change and bend the leg down, with your knee making a 90-degree angle pointing your foot down into the wind. This is called “Broken Leg Daffy”.

  • 9

    Repeat Step 1 to get back into a Daffy, but bring both arms down to your sides and push your hands flat against the wind to switch to a “Daffy Press”.

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