How to Build a Trap for a Small Bird

If you have ever wanted to keep a small bird as a pet, you can catch it yourself and take care of it. Some people trap birds to heal their wounds or protect them against predators. Before setting the trap, you need to know exactly where to place it. It is easy to catch a bird even in your backyard or you could head towards the woods and catch a bird in  the wild. Here are some tips on how to make the trap. The technique is fairly simple and requires a few common materials.

Things Required:

– Small pocket knife

– Medium sized rock

– String or rope

– Small stick

– Thick stick (at least 5 feet long)


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    Start off by searching an area for any possible signs of the presence of small birds. These birds are usually found at clear poles or barren trees, these are their preferred resting places. Take a large stick and prepare it for the trap. With the help of a knife, sharpen the end of the stick to make it pointed. Drill a hole in the stick, it should be close to one end of the pole.

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    Try to find a smaller stick in the woods. It should be around five inches long. It should be thin enough to be inserted in the drilled hole. Put the stick aside for now. Tie a knot around the rock tightly so that it is secure. Put the other end of the string through the hole which has been drilled in the big stick. After the string has been passed through the hole, tie a slip loop in it. It should be the size of your fist.

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    On the noose side of the string, an overhead knot should be tied where the string falls in front of the hole. This will help in preventing the noose from slipping into the hole. Take the smaller stick and put it in the drilled hole of the larger stick. The stick should just stay in, the hole, not pass all the way through completely.  Put the noose on the small stick.

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    When the bird will come and sit here, the noose will close around the bird’s feet as the stick falls, this way the bird will be trapped. The stick should be planted tightly in the ground so that it doesn’t fall when the bird comes and sits down.

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