How to Perform the Coaster-Flipping Trick

Doing tricks and thing such as that tends to be a great way to impress people. Now this is because, no one really expects much from you, which is why when you do something that they find interesting, they tend to appreciate it a whole lot more.

Now people tend to do some magic tricks every now and then, which tends to be the thing that really gets everyone going. However, if you want to really push yourself and do something rather simply, which still seems rather cool, you could try to do the coaster flipping trick.

The coaster flipping trick, as the name suggests is a simple trick which requires you to flip a coaster and make it land on the place where you flipped it up from. There is basically nothing hard about this, in fact it is the simplest of things to possibly do.


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    Now the first thing that you need to do in order to make this trick look a whole lot better, is to go on and hit the local bars. This way, you are going to come across people who aren't in the right state of mind. This is crucial to your trick, since there really isn't anything to it.

    However, if you have people watching it who can't think straight, you have a better chance of impressing someone then when they are sober and in the right state of mind.

    So remember to target people who are a little tipsy.

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    Now go on and set up the trick. All you need is a coaster, and a table or a ledge of some sort. Make sure that the surface that you have placed the coaster on is dry, and that there is no wind that could restrict the flip of the coaster.

    At the same time, expose just a little bit of the coaster off the edge of the table or the ledge that you are using, so that you have space to flip it with.

    Go ahead and say some random things to throw everyone off and to make it look like what you are about to do is actually magical, even though it isn't.

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    Now flick the exposed edge of the coaster and watch it flip up. Aim your flip towards the inside of the table, so that the coaster lands on the table after it goes up. Once it lands on the table just do some flashy hand movements and walk away.

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