How to Do Recreational Tree Climbing

There are many hobbies that we maintain to have fun. Some people like to go hiking, others motorbike on rough terrains and some like to run. These activities not only provide us with some entertainment but more often than not are also good for our health.

Recreational tree climbing is one that is taken up by many people. It can be fun but make sure that it is done with care as falling off a tree is generally not pleasant. You make the right moves and you will be climbing up trees in no time.


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    Physical Shape

    This is an important factor for you to be able to climb trees. Since you will need to climb and use your arms to lift your body forward with some help from your legs, you will need to be in good physical shape. If you are overweight or are not accustomed to heavy physical labour, you probably want to get into a better shape before you start undertaking this particular endeavour. Also, make sure that your body is properly stretched before you start climbing otherwise you can sprain or pull a muscle or two.

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    Take a Class

    This may not be a traditional class. You will mostly find enthusiasts in it and those who will be teaching you the craft are also going to be some really energetic people. They will show you how it is done and you will also get a chance to climb some trees. You will be taught the basic techniques which can be very helpful.

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    Before you start testing your new found skills, make sure that you take good care of your safety. Wear a crash helmet and connect a safety rope to the top of the tree before you start climbing. This can save you from being hurt. Make sure that you have all the necessary equipment before you start climbing.

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    Start with Smaller Trees

    Do not try to climb on the ones that are really tall. Doing so can be dangerous and you may not have the level of skill for that just yet. Take your time and start with smaller trees and soon you should be able to climb taller ones as well.

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