How to Perform a Teleporting Card Trick

Teleporting card trick is a simple trick performed using a deck of cards. You can learn the teleporting card trick very easily. However, you will have to practice the trick numerous times before you can execute it to perfection. Once you have mastered the teleporting card trick, you can perform it in front of an audience and see the amusement on their faces when a particular card from the decks ends up in a totally unexpected place. Here is how you can learn to perform the teleporting card trick to perfection.


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    You will need to have a participant to perform the trick. It can be anyone who has some basic knowledge about playing cards. Show a standard deck of the cards to the participant. You may even ask the participant to check the deck of cards that you will be using to ensure that there is nothing wrong with the deck of cards.

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    Have the participant sit across a table, facing towards you. Fan out the deck of card either on the table or in your hands and ask the participant to pick one card from the deck without you seeing the card.

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    The participant needs to memorise the face value of the card. As he studies the card, you will have a brief moment in which you must flip the bottom half of the deck of cards. This means that the top deck half will be backs up whereas the bottom deck half will be faces up. Of course, the spectator can not know this which is why you need to be discreet while flipping the bottom half of the card deck.

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    After the participant has studied and memorised the card that he picked, have him place it back on top of the deck, face down so that you can not see the card that was picked by the participant. Ask the participant to stand up. Use this split momentary distraction to flip the card deck so that the half that was originally at the bottom comes to the top.

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    Deal the top 3 cards on the deck and have the participant cover the cards that you just dealt with his hands. While the participant is busy covering the cards, flip the card deck once again.

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    Finally, deal another 3 cards in front of the spectator. Tell the spectator that the card he originally chose has been teleported to the 3 cards that you just dealt. Of course the card will be there because you had flipped the card deck over.

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