How to Play Accordion With the Right Hand

A right way for playing accordion is learning how to balance the two hands on the instrument. While with your left hand you use the bass buttons, you play keyboard with your right hand. Balancing both hands at the same time is very difficult; however, as you learn to use your right hand more effectively, you can also learn to coordinate it with your left hand better. By following some simple guidelines or tips, you can do this job perfectly. Make sure you remember the notes by heart that you will be playing on the instrument.


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    Expanding and Contracting Bellows

    The most important aspect of playing accordion is expanding and contracting bellows with your left hand. This section through air creates sound while you play it on. The main function of bellows is to give power to the section, and through it you create sound and play it with your right hand according to the note.

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    Choosing Keys

    You will then need to choose keys for your right hand. The keys should fit for the key of the bass buttons that you have chosen for your left hand. It is basically coordinating of two hands at the same time. You will find it very difficult in the beginning but later can learn to coordinate them confidently.

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    Rhythm and Length Notes

    You will also need to focus on rhythm and length of your notes that are played on the right hand. You will again need to coordinate your right hand with left hand to maintain a right rhythm and flow on each hand while playing the notes.

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    Playing Like Piano

    You can treat playing of the keyboard of accordion like playing a piano. The only difference between the two is that keyboard of accordion is vertically positioned. This might give you some difficulty while adjusting the position, but the rules and theory of playing notes is the same.

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    Maintaining Posture

    Your posture can also affect how you play accordion. So you should maintain a right posture while playing the instrument. Since, you play accordion in standing position, you can maintain a posture that make you comfortable while playing the instrument.

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    Learning Notes

    Holding notes in front of you while playing accordion is a difficult job. It is better you remember the note you are playing on. This will boost up your confidence, although it might not affect your ability of playing the instrument as such. You might require to play different notes on the instrument, so you should know how to play each one of them on merit.

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