How to Choose Color Printing Paper for Photographs

Reduced cost of printers has led to their widespread purchase among home users. And it’s not just inkjet printers, which has originally been aimed at a mass audience, but laser printers and devices for photo printing.

When processing images and creating photo albums, the quality of the picture depends primarily on the paper used in the process.

However, there comes a question which paper to select before buying any particular photo printing device. Almost all modern photo printers can create photos of any size and quality. Different formats papers are used nowadays.


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    Typical paper consists of several layers - the receiver, locking, security, etc. The more layers of paper, the more expensive it is and the  higher quality you get. Heavy photo paper can be obtained from different outlets and the significance is that it lasts longer. So try to buy paper with the highest density. If you are buying a specified density of 150 g/m, then it can only be used to print flyers and presentations. But the paper with a higher density will print high-quality pictures.

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    Another important property is the composition of the photo paper. For this category, paper is divided into two classes: the universal and original. Universal is typically used for a variety of documents with graphic drawings. In most cases, it is suitable for all types of printers. Pictures printed through this kind of paper are usually very durable.

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    Before choosing a paper for photo printouts, check for the coating. There are different types of coating such as glossy, semi-gloss and matte paper. Coating protects the image from moisture. Matte paper is also useful as it helps the spectator in viewing minor details in the picture and eventually protects the picture’s appearance including scratches and damage.

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    Photo paper sizes can be very different - starting from the format A10 to A3, which is commonly used in commercial printing. The most common size for amateur shots is A6 size paper. The best paper you can get with good price and better quality is A4 size paper. However, this size is not very convenient for printing photos.

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