How to Design a Wedding Photo Book

A wedding is one of the most memorable days in one’s life. Mostly, it is once in a life time event and everything related to it feels great and something to cherish about. Pictures are probably the best way of storing those memories forever.

You can have an album or albums of your wedding photos prepared to do this task. However, designing one well is very important as it adds to the pleasure of going through these pictures. It is something that can be done in an artful manner by paying a bit of attention to the task.


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    Copy Rights

    Make sure that you have a written agreement with your photographer that the pictures are your property and no one else has the right to publish them including the photographer himself. This will allow you to go ahead with the task without any kind of issues.

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    Upload Pictures

    The next thing to do is to upload pictures to your computer for further processing. Once you have them on your computer, you can make necessary adjustments as pictures taken at these events are not always perfect and use of image software can come in handy in removing issues with the pictures.

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    Explore Service Options

    You can make a CD of the pictures and take it to a store or get in touch with an online company for their services. Discuss the options and the prices both are offering and making a decision considering the price and services they offer. They will provide you with software to put pictures on if it is an online company. If you go to a physical location, they will have people who can help you with the task.

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    Create Photo Book

    The next thing to do is to create a photo book. Select the pictures that you wish to be on your album and in which order. Also mark the sizes for each picture that you want. Make sure that you only have horizontal pictures or vertical pictures side by side and do not mix both of them sitting on opposing pages as it will make it difficult to view.

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    Select Albums

    This is also important as the albums add to the charm of the pictures. Select one that you like and looks good with the pictures as well. Do not opt for ones with crazy decoration as something with a bit of class can always work.

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    Once everything is in place, go ahead with the order. You should be receiving your wedding album that you designed in a few days time.

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