How to Field Dress a Pronghorn Antelope

Killing of an antelope is one thing and dressing the kill after that is a different thing altogether. At this stage many hunters fail and it takes away their entire effort and then taste from their tables. To field dress an antelope after the kill is not a very difficult task, but it requires you to have right tools, technique and then a little bit of stamina. You can dress the kill without lapse of much time and can have the meat roasted served to you at your dinner table when it is quite fresh, and eating your kill will give you a sense of pride in addition to the delicious meat.

Things Required:

– A saw

– A sharp knife

– A hatchet

– Gloves and other safety equipment


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    First of all you should have the tools ready, even before you kill an antelope. You nevertheless know that to field dress the kill is the next and only step between your dinner and the kill. Having a saw, sharp knife and other equipment ready with you is always handy.

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    Also, make sure you have equipment for your own safety. These equipment have to be used in all cases when you field dress the kill. Without wearing safety equipment, you will be risking yourself to a serious injury, and if you do so, this will waste your entire effort.

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    Use a sharp knife to split meat from different parts of the antelope. For example, start with separating the breastbones first, legs and thighs meat. You can start with your own way, if you think it is more convenient for you to follow than the conventional methods that butcher use. Also, do not forget to make use of hatchet and saw, they are very effective in separating thick bones areas.

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    In the beginning you can make large meat pieces, and once the kill is divided into many meat parts, you can cut them into small pieces. You can even cut small pieces in your kitchen. However, cutting the animal when it is warm is much easier than when it is cold. Cold meat is difficult to separate and it will consume a lot of energy.

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    You can also avail assistance of your family member i.e. son or a friend if they are accompanying you on the hunting trip. This will make your job a bit easier, and the earlier you finish, the better it will be for you. Even preparing meat when it is warm is easier. You should carefully wrap up all meat parts before shifting them for transportation to home. Also collect all your tools carefully.

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