Top 10 Most Common Excuses People Make

Excuses are our getaway from things. All around people make excuses to avoid tasks and sneak away from responsibilities. Different people make different excuses but some are fairly common among all. The list shows the top excuses used by people around us.


  • 1

    “I am Too Tired”

    We all have heard this one and most probably also used it. Many of us seek refuge in this when we want to avoid work. If you come back from office and your wife tells you the washing machine needs fixing, this will be your answer most probably. Students also use this to avoid commitments after classes.

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  • 2

    “What if it Doesn't Work out”

    The uncertainty of outcomes leads us to this excuse. We are scared of taking risks and avoid them completely by saying this. We do not give things a try and stay in our comfort zone. People make this excuse to avoid relationships.

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  • 3

    “What Would People Say If I Did This”

    Many people living in a collectivist society will care what others think of them. This leads to under confidence. We sacrifice what we really want because we are scared of the negative opinions of others and we fear being judged.

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  • 4

    “I Am too Old for This Stuff”

    The excuse is used by people of all ages. Teenagers think they are older than kids and so on. If you ask an elder person to go to the bar for drinks, he/she would avoid going and give this excuse. Elder siblings usually give this excuse to their younger brothers and sisters.

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  • 5

    “I Have Tried This Before it Didn't Work”

    This is an outright lie at times. People use this to get out of situations and to avoid things they just don’t feel like doing. Some people say this just to prove their point to someone. Obese people sometimes use this to avoid dieting.

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  • 6

    “I Don't have Money to do This”

    This excuse is made sometimes to get money from people others use it to avoid things they don’t like. For example if I tell a person to go to gym and he hates exercise, he would probably use this.

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  • 7

    “I am not Feeling Well”

    This sure is a common excuse. When our parents tell us to go to a party with them and we know we will get bored, this seems as an easy sneak out. It is also used by people on phone because they know the other person can’t see their situation.

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  • 8

    “ I Fotgot”

    This is one of the easiest things to say when you do not do a task you were supposed to. When somebody tells us to buy something from the market and we come back empty handed, this is the best thing to say.

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  • 9

    “I Met With an Accident”

    So you got late for a presentation or a lecture, what is the easiest thing to say: somebody bumped into your car, there was a drunk driver on the road, I slipped while walking etc. in short you met with an accident.

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  • 10

    No Time

    Look busy do nothing. Whenever we are asked to do something we don’t like, we become very busy. We tend to show the other person how tight our schedule is and that there is no time.

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