How to Change an Electric Guitar to Acoustic

Are you sitting at home and want to start recording in your studio, but sadly all you have is an electric guitar? You can easily change your electric guitar into an acoustic guitar. It is extremely helpful during live performances as well. You find it hard to switch guitars when you are performing on stage, and you simply want one guitar to sound acoustic, and electric. Well, you are lucky as that is absolutely possible. You have to make a few modifications and your electric guitar can sound perfectly acoustic during recordings, and even when you are performing live. It will not only be easy for you to switch; in fact, you won’t have to purchase two separate guitars.


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    Start off by changing the strings on your guitar. Many might find this to be a foolish idea, but get thicker strings than the usual electric guitars. That will make your guitar sound a bit thick when you are playing it without any effects.

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    Once you are done with changing the strings, it is now up to you to change the tone on your amplifier. Always use the cleanest channel so that you can get the acoustic guitar sound. Set the bass at a medium level while the middle range should be set up to around 3 or 4. The treble should be as low as you can take it. Just turn it around 1/4th, just so that there is some treble sound in your guitar.

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    Now once you are done with setting the tone right, it is time for you to buy an acoustic guitar simulator pedal. It will help you control the reverb on your guitar and will also make your guitar sound as acoustic as possible.

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    Once you have bought the pedal, try to experiment with it. Adding more reverb and echo to it might make you sound acoustic, but try getting rid of the echo when you start. That will help you strum the guitar just the way an acoustic guitar is strummed and make it sound cleaner than an electric.

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    Now plug your guitar into the amplifier. Play it through the overdrive channel in the amp. However, the guitar should remain clean and use the pedal whenever required. Remember: the pedal is the source which is making your guitar sound acoustic. You can always add a distorted sound to your guitar when the pedal is not switched on. However, for that you will require another processor.

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