How to Do Paper Tole Art

Paper Tole Art is basically a technique which is used to build layers under your prints and give a three dimensional look. Paper Tole art can be a little challenging but once you understand how it is done, it can be a lot of fun for the whole family. The concept is to create cutouts of different prints and then place them in such a way that you get some depth in your sculpture. If you want to do Paper Tole art then there are some easy methods you can follow.


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    Put items together:

    First get all the items that you will need to do Paper Tole art. This will include the prints that you want to use. Remember you will need several copies of each of the prints that you will want to use in this fun project. Make sure you get all the adhesives and thick paper stock that you will need as well.

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    Apply prints to stock paper:

    Take the copies of your prints and carefully apply them to the thick stock paper that you are using. Once they have dried then you will have to carefully cut the prints out.

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    Build layered background:

    Now build a suitable layered background that you can use to place your prints in front of. The more dynamic the background the more artistic effect you can give to your Paper Tole art. Remember the concept is to go for depth so you will have to make three backgrounds for this three dimensional impact.

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    Glue prints:

    Now you can begin gluing your prints in front of the background. Remember to layer your prints accordingly to get the desired three dimensional effects. Make sure that you take your time and with some patience you will be able to layer your prints in such a way that it gives the feeling of depth in front of your layered background.

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    Repeat process:

    Once you have completed this process with one particular print you can now do the same technique with the other prints as well. Try to layer them in such a way that you get the feeling that the images are popping out from the background.

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    Try to experiment with different prints and backgrounds to add your own style to this project. Remember that there are no fixed rules when doing this type of art and you can do a lot of different variations in terms of materials and prints. Try to keep it simple so that your kids can do this project easily and have some fun with it.

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