How to Make Jeweled Heels

Do you want to rock your upcoming fancy shoes party or  steal the show with sparkling stilettos? All you need for this specific purpose is a pair of shoes with jeweled heels. However, you do not need to rush to any shoe store to buy an expensive one.

Forget about paying hundreds of dollar for jeweled heels – it is fun to customize your own jeweled heels. Simply head to your closet and find out the several pair of heeled-shoes that are a little worn out, or just plain and boring for you. All you need to carry out this simple project are few easily available and inexpensive elements.

Things you will need to make Jeweled Heels:

– Pair of heeled shoes
– Large and medium multi-shaped rhinestones – loose and flat back
–  Small round rhinestones – loose and flat back
– Shoe Glue
– Tweezers
– Small dish or disposable plate
– Toothpick
– Flat nose pliers  -optional


  • 1

    Grab a disposable plate and pour some shoe glue into it. Pick one of the large rhinestones (10 to 15 mm) with the help of tweezers and dip its flat back into the shoe glue in the plate.

  • 2

    Place the glue applied rhinestone into the top center of your heel and hold it pressed with your finger tip for a few seconds until stuck to the heel thoroughly.

  • 3

    Add several more large rhinestones, arranging them way down to the middle of the heel.

    Note: There is no hard and fast rule for arranging the rhinestones, therefore; create a pattern the way you want.

  • 4

    Once you have applied the large rhinestones, fill the bare spots with some smaller rhinestones (3 to 6 mm).

    Note: Repeat step 1 and 2 to apply glue to the small rhinestones and to add them to your heel.

  • 5

    Repeat step 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the heel of your other shoe and set both of the shoes aside until dry well.

  • 6

    Wear your jeweled heels and have fun!

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