How to Play a Guitar with One Hand

Do you want to learn how to play your guitar with one hand? Usually band members want to free one of their hands up in order to play another instrument. They want it to be free so they can operate synth, or any other instrument with the other hand. There are several techniques through which you can learn how to play the guitar with one hand. It’s not easy, and requires a lot of practice. However, once you get the trick, you can easily cope up with it. It requires a lot of practice, and if you really want to pull this off, you will have to practice each and every day.


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    When you start off, find out about the key of the song that you are going to play. Once you figure out, just tune your guitar in the key of the song. It is a simple technique. Once your guitar is tuned in the key in which your song is played, you will not have to hold the chords; in fact, you can play free strings. For example: In case your guitar is in the key of G, you can tune the 6 strings into A, G major, C major, or even D major chord. You can always opt for an E A D G B E tuning if the song is in G major key.

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    Now everything will be quite simple for you. All you have to do is, play the guitar with only your picking hand. You can easily use the free strings and play the guitar with the hand you pick from. Each and every note you play will be in the key of the song; hence, your other hand is now free.

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    You can also add effects to your guitar so that it can ring for a longer period of time. For example: adding delay to your guitar sound will make it sound far better than before. Moreover, the distortion will not let you pick your guitar time and time again.

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    One more thing you can add to the effects is the gain. Gain allows you to distort things more than usual. Moreover, it also, sometimes, covers up the mistakes that you are making. If you guitar is tuned into the perfect key in which your song is being played, then playing with one hand will not be a problem at all.

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    Now is the time to utilize all your guitar techniques which you learnt in the beginning. Try the pull-offs and the hammer-ons at the same time. They will help your guitar take out the sound you require.

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