How to Restring a Fender Starcaster Guitar

Hands on their electric guitars, high on drugs with long hair and baggy clothes are what can describe the character of a rock star. You will see that most of the time they are lost in their own world. But what hits them right on their face and forces them to come out of their dream world is when they have to put strings on their beautiful Fender Stratocaster or replace them. No folks! That is certainly not an easy task.

But today we will make it trouble-free and painless for you so that all you rock stars out there don’t have to come out of their dream world neither do they have to take the help of others.


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    To start off with, put your fender Starcaster on a plane and dirt free surface.

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    Then you have to remove the old strings from the guitar. On the top of your fender Starcaster you will find tuning pegs which by turning anticlockwise will loosen the strings and then by pulling those outwards, the strings would come out. It is advisable to you to remove 3 strings at a time.

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    On the back of the guitar you will find some holes which are called ferrules and in case of fender Starcaster guitars there are Tremolo Bridge. Insert the new strings from there into the holes one at a time.

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    Keeping the policy of one string at a time pull each string up to 2 posts from where you will use and then twist the string at a pointed angle.

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    Once you are done with step four, move the twisted string through the post which is corresponding to it and then twist it again from where it would go in to the post once it is pulled tight. You have to ensure that the twists would make a “Z” shape. Because when it would, it will ease in helping it go straight into the post. And once it is inside the twist it would automatically straighten up.

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    Don’t forget, that doing this to all the strings at the same time could be pretty problematic so make sure you don’t rush and do it one by one. Once all the strings are changed, then tighten the strings by turning the tuning pegs clockwise. In the end if you find any spare strings out on the edges then simply cut them by using a scissors. A sharp one of course!!!

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