How to Play a Guitar

Being a teenager you always like inspiring others doing different things or performing different arts. One thing that proves to be inspiring more than anything is playing musical instruments. If you are able to operate a musical instrument such as guitar, it is probably the easiest way to inspire others. Hence, if you are a teenaged young lad and trying to make an impression on your girl friend by playing a musical instrument then playing some nice tunes and chords over a guitar can prove to be a good idea. Although it may not be easy in the beginning but following a few tips will make you learn play at least a few chords on the guitar.


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    First of all, choose the right guitar for yourself that is not too big and not too heavy. As a beginner it is advised to go for a wooden or acoustic guitar.

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    Once you have got the guitar and looking to play it, hold it in such a way that your working hand is plucking the strings while the fingers of other hand are on the strings.

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    Be informed about the parts of the guitar. The bar connected to the wooden box is called the neck, keys at the tops called tuning pegs and the sections on the bar are called frets.

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    It is good if you know about recognizing basic musical notes on the guitar. For this reason, you should first practice the music notes such as do, re, mi and etc by drawing fretboard diagram which will help you identify each note and their location on the fretboard.

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    Get a print out of the guitar’s chord pattern from internet or any professional. Observe the finger placement for the chords in each case and keep practicing till you are able to play the chords fluently.

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    On your CD player, try playing some of your favourite songs that have a series guitar chords played in the background.

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    Observe the chords and the way they are changed and try doing the same on your guitar by following the same rhythm as in the song. Keep practicing in the same way till you are fluent in playing them.

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