Fun Things To Do at a Sleepover

Sleepover parties are great sources of entertainment and fun among the close friends. Such parties are normally arranged at the start of New Year, Christmas or on the event of school or colleges vocations. There are mainly two types of sleepovers based on genders. The girls and boys normally arrange such events separately in accordance to their convenience. This is a very healthy activity that leads the young generation into the age of maturity. Many interesting games and activities become the part of such events. However, sometimes such parties turn into mish mash if not planned well. To make the sleepover parties highly successful here are few steps to be kept in mind.


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    Preparation of friends’ list

    First of all prepare a list of those friends whom you want to invite in the Sleepover party. Make sure that all of your close friends are there and especially those with whom you feel comfortable. The event is entirely based on enjoying the maximum so try to avoid any controversy.

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    What to write on Sleepover invitation

    This is the very important part of upcoming party so it requires few precautions to overlook any discomfort during the party. Make sure that time and date is put on the invitation. The exact address where the party is going to be held is mentioned. The list of necessary items to be brought by the participants is attached with. There should be extra things available on the venue like, towels, toothpastes, toilet papers, water and pillows etc.

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    How to invite the friends

    As far as the procedure of inviting the friends is concerned it should not be publicized from the very first hour. Make sure that the invitation has been sent to each list member. Few parents will not be willing to allow their children to go for the sleepover so write in the telephone number for their satisfaction.

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    What to do during the party

    Plan something exciting during the party. There should be variety of entertainments including various games, puzzles, gossips, eatables and many more. If the party is of girls they may start with talking about boys and their flirts and same the boys can do with girls.

    You can also have some more fun by wearing funny dresses, organising a photo session, having a modelling show, playing cards, making your own pizzas, playing twister , prinking people, watching chick flicks, pillow fights, foot messages as well as manicures and pedicures at a sleep over.

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    Make sure to conclude the party in time so next parents allow you to do so.

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