How to Apply Makeup for a Photograph

You may have heard the term ‘photogenic’. It is a natural gift to some extent. However, if you continue to have not-so-impressive photographs, it might not be entirely because you are not photogenic. In fact, there might be something wrong the way you are capturing yourself.

Face makeup is one of the very important aspects of the photography. If your makeup is not right, even an expert photographer would never be able to take a nice picture. And if the makeup is correct, even a novice camera operator can take an amazing photo.

The key in makeup for photographs is to make it not too bright. Otherwise, your face will look too white in the picture. You need to know only a few simple makeup techniques to get a well defined look.

Things required:

– Mirrors
– Blush
– Blush Brush
– Eye Shadow
– Eye Shadow Brushes
– Face Powder
– Foundation
– Lip Liners
– Lipstick
– Liquid Eyeliners
– Makeup Brushes
– Makeup Kits
– Mascara


  • 1

    Makeup for photograph heavily depends on the background that you are using. In case you have an ethnic background, apply a yellow-toned foundation on your entire face.

  • 2

    If your skin is dark, you can use different shades of foundation to give your face an even colour. Remember, any dark patches on your face would look awful in the picture. There is no need to apply any extra foundation, because good lighting could help your cause to a great deal.

  • 3

    Make a good choice of colour blush; otherwise, you may look all washed out. After applying a neutral colour, make it ‘pop’ with a brighter shade.

  • 4

    It is the time to define your eyes with shadow. You are supposed to avoid applying dark colour to the eyelids, as they make the eyes recede. Mascara is also important, but don’t ever overdo it.

  • 5

    Start your makeup only after getting an idea about the light that the photographer is going to use. If the lighting is strong, use only deeper or brighter colours. On the contrary, soft lighting or daylight requires less intense shades.

  • 6

    Apply makeup according to your style and dress. Don’t put on a lot of makeup. The key is to get a defined look. Things that you need to avoid are: dark liner, too much glossy lips, bright shadows, and too pale face powder.

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