How to Send Query Letters for a Play Script

So you have completed a fantastic script and now you want to see it on stage? Is it the unfamiliarity that is stopping your progress? Well, then the good news is that you are just one step away from the right track. All you need to do is to send a perfect query letter to entice the producers to read your play script.

However, it is not as easy as you think because you will have to approach in a professional manner. You will have to keep a couple of important points in mind while sending a query letter.


  • 1

    Take it seriously

    You must know that it is not just a formality as your future depends only on this call. It’s your best chance to convince a producer to use your writing skills and you do not want it to be the last one. That is why you must take it seriously and formulate a perfect note.

  • 2

    Create a hook or logline

    You should create a hook or logline to lock the attention of the reader. This is just like summarising your story in just one or two sentences. Make sure that it is covering all the aspects of the story. For example, if you story is about some war then your logline can be “A man tries to hide the terror of war from his son by giving an impression that they are all playing a big game.”

  • 3

    Give little description of your story

    Apart from including a logline, you should also describe the story to make it more understandable. However, you do not need to send a synopsis as it unfolds everything. The basic purpose of query letter is to leave them wanting more.

  • 4

    Show enthusiasm

    You must look excited in your message as it is very important to convince the other person that you have a spark. However, do not give the impression that it’s your first project rather act sensibly and gracefully.

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    Be flexible

    Make them realise that you are ready to make changes in the story if needed. This is a professional approach as production process involves a lot of amendments.

  • 6

    Offer them the whole script

    In the end, you will ask for a permission to send the complete copy of the script. You must contact the right person so put the correct name and address of the receiving person. Make sure that your script is bound professionally and that it is placed in the proper envelope that is accepted by those who want to see it.

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