How to Make a Bottle Cap Tripod

Taking pictures has become a fad, that just about everyone wants to try. In fact, everyone goes out and spends countless amounts of money on buying some of the best cameras out there, just so they can fit in with many groups.

However, taking pictures is no easy task, and not everyone can take really good pictures. However, if you feel you are better than the rest, then you need to realize, that you will have to practice a lot of photography as it takes a long while to really get good at it.

At the same time you are also going to need to use stands to get the best possible results. However, it is not always easy to get these stands and sometimes you just have to make your own.


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    Get items

    The first thing you need to do, is to gather all the items that you need to make the bottle tripod. Firstly, you need a drill, a bolt, which is preferably about one fourth of an inch long, a bottle with a cap, a hex nut and two washers.

    Once you have all these items, you need to place them nearby and then turn the drill on.

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    With the drill now turned on, go ahead and make a hole in the bottle cap. Make sure this is a smooth hole, since you don’t want any rough edges.

    Move the washer onto the bolt and rotate it through the bottle cap. This should go from the inside to the top.

    Once this is done, the threads of the bolt should be sticking out. You also need to make sure that the washer is between the bottom of the cap, and the base end of the bolt that you have placed into the bottle cap.

    Now take the other washer, and put it on the exposed side of the bolt, where all the threads are showing.

    You then need to place your hex nut over this end, and screw it in.

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    Now you need to put the bottle cap back on the bottle, and once this is done, only the threaded area should be sticking out of the top of the bottle.

    Now on this exposed area, you can go on and screw in the base of your camera.

    Once this is done, just place your bottle tripod with the camera anywhere and click away.

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