How to Take a Photograph From a Moving Car

It may not always be easy to get that perfect picture, especially when you are trying to do it from a moving car and do not know the techniques on how to do. If people can take breathtaking pictures from an airplane, it should not be that hard to take one from a moving car. Getting control over the blurring while taking a photo from a moving car can be quite challenging.

Through the use of proper techniques and the numerous functions that are found in the latest cameras, taking a picture from a moving car has never been easier.


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    Motion Haze

    It is hard to focus on one definite item from a moving vehicle as the forward motion can make things very difficult. In order to avoid motion haze, it is essential that you boost the shutter rate of your camera, which could be found in many modern cameras to be a fast moving feature.

    Most cameras have a default shutter speed in the double digits, you will need to boost it to somewhere around the 1/1000 range so that the picture and outcome will be less vague and much clearer.

    Setting the camera to an automatic mode would also allow it to automatically determine which conditions are at hand and which features would work best, but not all cameras are that smart and may need to be tweaked manually. Be sure to go over all the instructions regarding your camera to understand which features can help you take photos from a moving car.

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    While the picture may turn out to be a lot better in the end but you will indeed lose a lot when it comes to depth. Depending on the speed of the vehicle you are travelling in, this factor may vary respectively. The camera should have a good shutter speed, wide or normal zoom lens is also a good option. It is crucial that you change the settings back to what they were in the end when you stop moving and exit the vehicle so that the pictures taken afterwards are not affected in a negative way.

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    When taking pictures from a moving vehicle, it is highly likely you will experience obstacles by different sized objects, so try and make sure your path is clear before trying to take a photo. Remember that it takes some practice so be patient and in no time you will be able to take excellent photos from a moving car.

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