How to Catch Crabs the Easy Way

Catching crabs is a hobby that many people share and it is a great way to spend some time on the beach. The process is far easier than that of fishing and you may require only a string and bait to catch the crab. Crabs like turkey and chicken meat so do not forget to but small pieces from any grocery store as bait. Tie the bait to the string and place it in areas where you feel you may find your target. Slowly pull the string and place the net when you feel that you have trapped your target.


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    Buy the bait

    First of all, you need to buy the bait for catching the crab. Crabs generally like small parts of turkey or chicken. You can get them from a grocery store near you place. Try to get a considerable quantity of the small pieces if you are looking to catch crabs as all baits do not result in catching the target.

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    Carefully tie the bait to a string

    You need to tie a small piece of the chicken or turkey to a string. There are no special hooks or fishing rods to catch crabs so use the simplest way of tying the bait to the string strongly. Make sure the string does not loosen up when you throw it in the water.

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    Place your bait

    Throw the string that has the bait attached to it in the water. You must have a good idea on which areas you should go for to find the crabs. If the bait does not sink with the weight of the bait, add some fishing weight to it so that it sinks properly.

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    Wait for the target

    You have to be extremely patient if you want to catch a crab. Usually you may get the target in the first hour or so depending on the location. But if you are unable to get the response, relocate your bait to some other place.

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    Throw the net in the area

    When you feel the pull in the string and you are sure that something is onto the bait, carefully pull the string and throw the net in the area to catch the crab.

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