How to Photograph a County Fair

Spring marks the start of “County Fair” in California and in other farming regions. The fair is affordable, exciting, fun and one of the best possibilities for digital photography you will have all summer season. In this fair, you canĀ  see some of the most wonderful shows, taste some of the best flavours and maybe if you are fortunate, actually win something. If you want to photograph a county fair then go get your camera and adhere to some of these guidelines for getting excellent images and making the trip memorable.


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    It is advised to plan your journey to the fair. It typically last for about seven days, so you will not be able to see all of the activities. Select the occasion you want to see the most and plan out you schedule to go to the fair on that day. You might be able to find a schedule regarding a county fair by going on the internet as most put up a basic webpage to help visitors from out the area find the fair. Also, there is usually a listing of the different activities or concerts that might be taking place at the county fair.

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    Start your occasion in the grandstand, but stroll around to get the best position of perspective. The position at the admission is better than the grandstand and you will be able to get a number of images such as the tractors arriving off the floor. You may also be able to capture a lot of movie shoot points from this standpoint, which at some factor modify into a tractor take landscapes.

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    The fair is full of exciting individuals. Most fair goers don't mind being captured on camera. They are there to have a good time and actually like having their images taken. Don't be amazed if they come up to you and ask if you could provide them with a duplicate of the image you have just taken. The event becomes more exciting when capturing images of animals. Everyone is actually very helpful at the fair and will tell you a lot about their tractor, equine or cow. Usually, if you discuss with the organisers and the participants for a while they will love to be captured on film.

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    Sometimes, the best pictures have nothing to do with the activity. You will really like the creativity and movements in the images of the judges at the grandstand. When you are done with the grandstand it's about time to go over to see the various animals on display. The fair will let you see all types of livestock, lambs, hogs, poultry, bunnies and equine, usually located inside the structures. Moreover to seeing these animals you can actually purchase them at the fair.

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